Welcome to Washpool Farm

We know from experience that our clients have a broad range of needs when it comes to cleansing and nurturing their skin. That's where our skill and experience in formulation makes a big difference to how well a product will suit YOU.

Whether you're allergy prone and looking for simple 'long cured' cleansing bars, goats milk to soothe dry, sensitive skin or earthy vegan bars made on organic coconut milk we're here to help.  

We have your desire for deliciously natural body care in mind when we formulate and create, using the finest raw ingredients.

  • 6th Feb 2015
    Have you ever wondered whether natural deodorants are as effective as commercial deodorants? For a long time now I've been planning, researching and trialling natural deodorant formulas. Yes, I wanted to avoid the synthetically scented, pore blockin...  more details