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A Year In My Real Food Kitchen


“Food is life, but it’s so much more than sustenance alone…”

In an age of year-round growing, hydroponics and hi-tech preservation techniques, it is easy to forget that food is seasonal.

This book is a celebration of real ingredients and a guide to eating the best, the healthiest and the tastiest food as nature intended.

Following the rhythms of her own garden and kitchen, Emma Galloway demonstrates how you can choose the right produce at the right time to get the most out of it. Nutritious, delicious and real - these fantastic new and seasonal vegetarian and gluten-free recipes will inspire every home cook to explore the bounty of the seasons and re-connect with a more natural way to eat.

About the Author

Emma Galloway is a former chef, food photographer and creator of food blog

Her work has featured on, Food & Wine, Huffington Post, SBS Food, and in The Guardian, Delicious, Peppermint magazine, and Taste magazine (NZ). Emma resides in New Zealand.