Handmade Soap - Specialty Soap Bars - Activated Charcoal, Sea Salt & Lemon Tea Tree Bar

Activated Charcoal, Sea Salt & Lemon Tea Tree Bar


You'd be forgiven for thinking that salt bars are drying to the skin, however we make sure we formulate with plenty of moisturising oils to leave your skin smooth, soft and comfortable.

Activated charcoal is said to be helpful for acne, and the salt and bacteria busting essential oils may assist with healing process.

While we'd never claim our soap treats medical conditions, we have had positive feedback from clients suffering from eczema and psoriasis when they switched to our handmade soap. Both salt and activated charcoal are often recommended for relief with these conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend a softly, softly approach.  Don't apply too much pressure and don't overwash.  If it helps, fantastic.  If it causes any irritation whatsoever please discontinue use.

If you're using the bar to help heal acne, lather a little on the hands and work gently onto face, neck and shoulders before rinsing well.

Handcut bars average 190 grams each.