Handmade Soap - Big Beautiful Bargain Bags - 1kg - Big Beautiful Bargain Bag - 1kg

Big Beautiful Bargain Bag - 1kg


Are you the kinda person who likes to put your hand into a big bag of soap and enjoy whatever comes your way? 

Are you (like me) a bit of a bargain hunter, looking for the absolute best quality for your family at the absolute best price?

Are you an inclusive kinda person who is happy to embrace good soap in all its' shapes and sizes?

Sound like you?  Then the Big Beautiful Bargain Bag is perfect for you.  

In our Big Beautiful Bargain Bags you might find goats' milk soap, coconut milk soap, experimental batches, soap made during soap making workshops and bars that have done nothing wrong other than be located at the end of a soap log.  

PS.  And a little secret from the soap maker - soap gets better with age and will actually be even milder over time if stored in its' paper bag (or the good old knicker drawer - where it's cool and dry). 

For the ultimate saving buy more and save on freight.