Bomboniere! (Up The Dairy)

August 21st 2010

Do you ever feel linguistically challenged? I have to admit that when I saw the word 'Bomboniere' in print I struggled for the right pronunciation. I rather guiltily resorted to saying 'Wedding Favours'. Luckily for me, I live in a region rich with Italian heritage and I didn't have to wait long before someone could set me straight. Not too long ago I was tasting a newly released Viognier at Ballandean Estate Wines (a personal favourite, by the way) and the very helpful person presiding over the tasting said just think 'good on yeah!', and you'll remember the pronunciation. Using my newfound strategy I now know that Bomboniere rhymes with 'up the dairy', so I'm set. I did say I'm occasionally linguistically challenged!

Anyhoooow!! Recently James and Sarah from Melbourne asked whether we could prepare a custom batch of soap as wedding favours, eerrrr Bomboniere. After some discussion we settled on Turkish Delight, with soft feminine tones of dusky pink and the fresh but sweet scent of Rose Geranium and May Chang. You can see the two huge slabs in the top photo - that's around fifteen kilos of sweetness. In this photo they've just been poured and will be covered for twenty four hours to do their thing before cutting. The process starts with meticulous weighing of skin pampering cold pressed oils and butters.

We add beautiful natural additives such as French Pink Clay, which soothes and softens even the most delicate skin.

Rose Geranium and May Chang essential oils are added, both of which are considered to be uplifting to the spirit.

We whip all this goodness together until it emulsifies.

In this case we poured a creamy layer into the bottom of each of our prepared moulds. We then gently pour the dusky pink layer on top. After the mixture is poured and smoothed I get to play with the top, making lovely whipped peaks.

This is the slab unmoulded and about to be handcut. I'll let you into a little secret. We know that hand cutting results in slight weight variations between bars. To ensure that no bar falls below the quoted weight we apply a generous weight margin. Now I say 'we' when talking about cutting but actually it's Warren who does the job. My cutting can be a bit like the Playschool Windows (you know -'which window will we get today - the diamond, the square, the rectangle or even the arch').

We wish James and Sarah all the best on their special day and thank them for choosing our little packages of sweetness and luxury to grace the table for their guests.

We would also like to let you know about the Stanthorpe Wedding and Lifestyle Expo on the 6th of November.This event promises to be the 'one stop shop' for organising your Granite Belt Wedding. There will be a Vintage Catwalk at 4pm and plenty of quality displays and gorgeous gifts for Christmas. For further information please contact


Ive been using washpool soaps fpr the last couple of months.Ive found I dont need to use a body moisturiser as my skin feels silky smooth after my shower. My husband loves that the soaps act as an all in one with shampoo and shower gel-he calls it the one stop shop for all his needs-hair face and body. We are hooked!
Nuala Black
August 26th 2010
What a good idea. They look almost good enough to eat!
October 12th 2010