It's Taken Nearly 50 Years But I'm Learning To Be True To Myself.

August 16th 2013

Well here's something different. Today I'm celebrating the un-release of a new product. What? Un-release? Yes, I'm celebrating because this un-release marks a momentous stage in my thinking process and a giant step towards just being me... and true to what I believe in.

What did I un-release? A really gentle facial moisturiser. Stick with me on this as I try to explain. I've been very slow bringing this moisturiser to market, even though I've planned, purchased packaging and had beautiful labels designed and printed. In the end I had to ask myself why a person who is usually driven and motivated would drag her feet when it comes to a new release. 

As people who know me well will realise, I'm an extreme introvert.  So why is it I can put my introversion aside and sell our products?  Because I believe in them, that's why.  I'm not so much selling, as looking for ways to solve problems, alleviate suffering, bring comfort or pleasure.  

So, what's going on when I have a product on our shelf that I NEVER take a client to and say "I think this would be good for you to try"?  It's well formulated, gentle, as natural as a moisturiser could what's my problem?



Then, one day, a beautiful woman and her daughter came to the soaperie and we got talking about natural alternatives to mainstream commercial 'beauty' routines.  This quietly self assured woman said she'd realised long ago that that products that women in white coats told her she needed wouldn't actually make her more beautiful.  I asked what she used to keep her skin looking so lovely and she said "I just use a mild soap, followed by a couple of drops of oil".

It was almost like I'd been sleep walking and was suddenly awake.  I myself believed that the things that made my skin beautiful (or not) came from within and that all I had to do on the outside was use a mild soap and a couple of drops of oil to keep my skin supple, smooth and soft.  

My problem was that I just didn't believe in myself or my conviction enough and was trying to produce what was expected, what was familiar, what was typical.... and what was widely available already.  Of course, attention to detail was assured and ingredients would be of the highest quality and well researched but the overall result was still going to be a water and oil emulsion not unlike any other moisturiser on the market.

If you've stuck with me so far, please let me explain (as briefly as I know how) why I'm not releasing a white fluffy moisturiser, similar to what you might be currently using: 

(a) Most moisturisers are around 70 to 80% water and because of that they need an emulsifier to help the oil mix with water and a preservative to ensure no bacteria proliferates in the water.  My personal conviction is that we don't need the water, emulsifier or preservative as we can deliver concentrated emollience, anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties in the form of a moisturising serum without unnecessary additives.

(b) Serums are concentrated, therefore we need less and they last longer, requiring less packaging and delivering exceptional value for money. My trials of oil and water moisturiser formulas showed that I typically needed at least four times as much to feel moisturised, plus I also felt a tingling sensation from one or more ingredients that I don't feel when using our soothing serum.

(c) I'm comfortable with the fact that we're different. We know our clients might take a little while to warm to the idea of a moisturising serum, but make no mistake - typical moisturisers are also made with oil.  You'll just need to get your head around not paying for water, and saving money while you're at it. 

(d) I'm about to wind up my hour of introspection and go mix a custom serum for a client who's suffering serious auto-immune problems and another for a boy who has sensory issues and needs moisture without any hint of essential oils.  This morning a male client purchased a serum for the unsettled skin on his face, and he'll use it for shaving as well.  If they're the only three clients I help with serums today I'm ok with that, because I know from feedback and testimonials that it's very likely they'll find some relief and I'll have done my job. 

 So, no mass marketing campaign.  No triumphant announcements of new products that cleverly deliver high profit margins and little substance.

Just simple, honest integrity and aunthenticity - from both me and the products we make with great care at Washpool Farm.  


If you didn\'t make cool soap, you could be an auther! I agree with you, though. You need to stick to what you believe in. You\'re not in it to help yourself, you just want to make other people\'s lives better. The world needs more people like you. Fly On

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August 22nd 2013