Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant

February 6th 2015

Have you ever wondered whether natural deodorants are as effective as commercial deodorants?

For a long time now I've been planning, researching and trialling natural deodorant formulas. Yes, I wanted to avoid the synthetically scented, pore blocking commercial formulas but even MORE importantly I have two daughters in their early teenage years and I wanted to make the best choices for them. 

Being a researchaholic, I read everything I could find, I purchased 'big brand' natural formulas for trial and did way too much thinking.  (Yes the blank look on my face is actually my thinking look). 

Here's what I learned:  natural deodorant formulas are NOT perfect - some contain bicarbonate soda that can irritate armpits, others need to be re-applied to keep the stink at bay and some are crazy expensive (I should add that this one attracted the most compliments at the gym - but at up to 10 times the price of a commercial deodorant I'd want it to make me smell good AND cause me to lose 10 kilos).

Are they as good?  Umm, no.  But then again, the comparison isn't very useful. It's like comparing a roasted vegetable salad with avocado kefir dressing and a burger with fries. If you're concerned about what you put into your body AND what you put on your body you will have already accepted that the natural product and the commercial product are very different.

A few months back I finally settled on a deodorant formula. I chose a balm style deodorant (in a push up tube) that contains no bicarbonate soda, because I'm one of those people who find it irritating when used daily.  I made it with two different essential oil blends - both carefully chosen for their reputed bacteria busting qualities. My formula also includes antibacterial virgin coconut oil, absorbent clays and secret fruit extract (that won't be secret when my labels are printed). I distributed the trial formula to my family, staff and some customers who twisted my arm. 

And here's where it gets weird.  I use the deodorant daily. No stink. My staff and family use it and agree it works well.  So why haven't I promoted it more?  Well, after a bit of psychoanalysis I think it's because I expected my natural, aluminium free deodorant to be PERFECT.  How illogical is that?  I've already established that a natural deodorant won't prevent sweating and the sweet scent of essential oils won't linger for a full day. I've already established that those people who value 100% natural products KNOW that those natural products won't work in exactly the same way as a commercial deodorant. Why oh why are we so hard on ourselves. 

So - here we go. This is what I can tell you after months of using my deodorant balm:

  • Most importantly I have had no issues with body odour.  If I'm heading off to the gym at 4.30 in the afternoon I like to spritz with an essential oil spray first - not to hide BO but just for that fresh confidence that comes with wearing a lovely scent.
  • I've learned that I only need to use a tiny amount and that if I use too much I WILL get slight marking on my clothes. I've also learned that this washes off in a regular warm water load. 
  • I've learned that I can wear my deodorant balm with a black singlet and get NO visible marks from my deodorant (which is more than I can say for many commercial brands I've tried).
  • I've learned to come to terms with the fact that I will sweat on hot days. This takes some getting used to if you're swapping from anti-perspirants.


Yesterday I received some feedback from one of those clients who twisted my arm to let her try our deodorant balm:

Hello Melissa, on the day we visited you in early January 2015. We spoke about deodorants.You kindly gave me your sample hard slick deodorant. Well I have nothing but praise for your product. We love it. My daughter (a sweaty teen) and I (mature female) are both using it with great satisfaction.It Works well has a soft aromatic smell that wont overpower your perfume. (Remember this is a deodorant not an antiperspirant). But we both find it excellent I also have friends and family that would be interested in this product. As I explained it was a sample and I was to Give feed back. However when it is available we would really love to know please contact us. Kind Regards Thank you for letting us be apart of this wonderful product.

I hope that this brings some clarity to the topic of natural deodorants for you. If you would like to try our deodorant balm or read a little more about the product you'll find them here:

Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant


I too have been using this deoderant since November and it is amazing. My first day of using it was at Stanthorpe Rocks. 40 degrees and no odour. I love it. I dont mind that it isnt antiperspirant because it works so well and i have no rash or reaction to it. Amazing product that lasts and lasts. Thank you

mel reid
February 6th 2015

I'm tying this deodorant as well, and I love it! Pleasant, subtle fragrance; a little goes a long way, and lasts all day. I know it's a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, but I think I'm not as sweaty as usual when I've used it. I'm already suggesting it to friends (and your soaps, of course!) I'm a natural medicine practitoner, I value what I believe to be safe, natural products, and shopping "local" when possible. Thank-you.

March 18th 2015