Olive Crush

September 26th 2011

Little did we know that in the same week as we cut 'Olive Crush' for the first time, REM would announce that they were breaking up as a band after over 30 years.  You may have noticed some 'song inspired' titles creeping into our soap bar line up and, we have to admit, that Olive Crush was inspired by REM's 'Orange Crush'.  The title just works for us, because not only do we have a crush on Extra Virgin Olive Oil as our primary soap making oil, but we're also proud to be using oil that results from the first crushing of olives, not some of the more dubious mechanical and chemical extraction methods.

Unlike the Orange Crush song, that refers to the chemical 'Agent Orange' used in the Vietnam War, which caused and continues to cause so much destruction and sickness, Olive Crush is the direct result of a quest for purity and simplicity.


Olive Crush is a 100% Castile soap - in other words it is made with olive oil ONLY.  Now, there are some soap bars around claiming to be 'Castile' that contain a range of other oils, including palm and coconut oil.  Please read the ingredients if you're ever in doubt.  Washpool Farm Olive Crush is 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It was pressed just over the border in NSW in June of this year. How's that for fresh?

Oh, you may be wondering how we managed to achieve the look of olives and olive oil splashes through the bar.  The spashes were made with pure olive leaf powder.  Olive leaves are rich in antixodants - in fact 400% more than Vitamin C.  


Who is this bar suited to?  

Allergy Sufferers - Allergy sufferers needs to narrow down their exposure to possible irritants.  Single ingredient bars such as Olive Crush make life a little bit easier for allergy sufferers to make safe choices.

Facial Cleansing - Olive Crush is suitable as a facial cleansing bar.  Olive Oil is known to be one of the kindest to human skin by laying down a protective layer and attracting moisture to the skin.  Being naturally free of perfumes and other harsh cleansing ingredients Olive Crush makes a great choice for face and all over gentle body cleansing.

Vegans -- Olive Crush is suitable for Vegans and those people opposed to the use of Palm Oil in the products they use.

Babies & Children - Olive Crush is unscented, and is therefore suitable for small children and babies who might be sensitive to ingredients in commercial soap bars and liquid cleansers.


Olive Crush is a lovely everyday cleansing bar suitable for the whole family.


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