Purple Maze

May 19th 2011

A natural consequence of making soap in a kitchen is that everything in sight becomes a potential vessel or tool for doing something new with our soap. The temptation to run our Lavender Goat's Milk bars through the slicer was too great. The effect was as we'd hoped - gently curved slivers of purple to set into a buttery lemon soap batter.

Unfortunately for the dedicated fellas who help out with the wrapping, this will be a case of art getting in the way of practicality. Bumpy soaps are hard to shrink wrap. The usually mild mannered men in this house turn slightly psycho and it's best not too listen closely to the muttering and scrunching that comes from the wrapping table. Errr, think I might need to do some shopping when this little treasure hits the wrap table.

I should add that the bars are arranged in a maze pattern for a reason. All too often Warren has found himself qualifying for the world domino championship when carefully arranged rows get a tiny bump and collapse. After much experimentation (and more muttering, no doubt) he reckons that this pattern is least likely to collapse on the way to the curing room.


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