Sending A Gift From Washpool Farm

May 4th 2015

Jenn is a busy Mum with two small children and a part time job. Many of Jenn's family and friends don't live nearby to her so when it comes to gift giving, what should be a pleasurable task can turn into a marathon of searching multiple stores for interesting gifts, wrapping them, writing cards and returning to wait in line at the post office to send them.  When the occasion calls for multiple gifts (like Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and Christmas) the problem can be even greater.

One of the things that gives us the most pleasure is making things easier for you, our clients. It can be tricky coming up with the 'right' gift and we feel a great sense of satisfaction when we help solve a gift giving dilemma. 

At Washpool Farm we've developed a routine for preparing gifts for our clients, so the gift giver gets the pleasure of seeing their gift exactly the way it will look when it's received. We take a photo (actually several) of the gift - with the package open and with the package gift wrapped. It's as close as you can get to doing it yourself - without the hassle.

Jenn is a real person and recently we received this feedback from her:

I just wanted to thank you once again Melissa. _____'s soap arrived yesterday in time for her birthday today. Your beautiful parcel was truly appreciated. Thank you for producing a product that I can send to friends with full confidence.

When you order a gift for a loved one from our website you simply click "Note to seller" in PayPal and add some details about who the gift is for (male or female, occasion and message for a gift card). If you need to tell us more, you could just send us an email us after the purchase.

As soon as we receive your order, your gift will be wrapped and we will email you a photo so you know exactly how your parcel will look when it's received. We will also send you tracking information so you can be fully informed about the progress of your package.

Today's parcels, leaving in time for Mothers' Day, with hand painted silk card (no extra charge for card and gift wrap).

So for an easy way to give beautiful handmade gifts start here with our handmade soaps.


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