Slice Of Heaven - Remixed And On Sale!

July 13th 2011

What have I done?   Why oh why would I meddle with a bar that's been hugely popular?  The reason - I'm going to let a little more of my soap 'personality' shine through.  I'm going to be true to myself and what I think makes fabulous soap.  


I used to get in trouble from helpful critics because so many of my soaps were in shades of beige. Sometimes they'd range through caramel to chocolate, sometimes to creamy 'latte'.  What can I say - beige makes me feel calm.


But it would be a dull old world if all of us were the same. Over time, I've had to accept that many of our customers liked their bars to not only smell fantastic, be kind to their skin but to be pretty and a little bit clever as well.  Fair enough, I can do pretty and maybe even clever soap - a quirky soap ball floating through the bars here, a stunning combination of colours in a column swirl there.  


The photo above is our current Slice of Heaven bar - sweet, gentle and soothing.



I suspect that because I'm not a visual person, (don't ask me what I wore yesterday) I don't choose which bar I want to use based on how it looks.  If you check out my bathroom you'll find a number of my soapy favourites such as Slice of HeavenOatmeal and Honey and the deliciously gentle wattleseed scrubbiness of Aussie Bushwalk Lemon Myrtle - and yes, a full basket of washing waiting for my attention.


We originally designed Slice of Heaven to be so gentle it could be used to wash your face, so naturally sweet that your skin and bathroom smelled fabulous and so pure and simple that even people with delicate skin would enjoy bathing in its' creamy goat's milk goodness. Some things should never change and Slice of Heaven still delivers.


The photo above is Slice of Heaven - newly poured today.

So what did I tweak?  I swapped out the white mineral colourant that I'd used to make the soap look more appealing - heavenly even - in favour of Australian Pink Mineral Clay.  


Why did I tweak?  I guess I'm testing a question that's going around in my head.  If a customer is well informed about the wholesome benefits of a particular formula, will they choose the bar that is most visually appealing or the one that will provide the best results for their skin?  I should add that Australian Pink Clay cleans and softens the skin and helps to remove toxins and dead skin cells.


Of course, the challenge for me is to make beautiful, visually appealing bars where each ingredients I use contributes meaningfully.  I'd love to know what you think so please feel free to add your comments.


(Photo credit - New Directions Australia, suppliers of quality Australian Clays.)

Oh yes, the sale!


Until current stocks of Slice of Heaven run out, we're offering a discount of 10% off your entire order, as long as it includes at least one bar of this beautiful, sweet soap. Just enter the code 'heaven' at checkout and the discount will be applied. I should add that due to super cool temperatures when we cut this bar last time the bars are slightly irregular, because they chipped a little as we pass the knife through. Same great formula - just a tiny bit 'wonky'. Be quick - this is only while the current stocks last.


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