There's A Star Man Waiting On My Curing Rack

October 25th 2011

I'm not the kind of gal to be easily spooked but after a couple of days of these celestial eyes looking at me I found that I just couldn't get David Bowies' Star Man out of my head.  Maybe telepathy, maybe I was hypnotised as I stared deeply into the spirals (when you're trying to avoid doing the paper work ANYTHING is a good distraction).  I hesitate, maybe it's a little sexist to call such a delicious unisex scent Star Man.  But wait - I'd certainly sneak off with him to the bathroom, so why not? And what a fortunate coincidence that Star Man is scented with Star Anise, along with a good size blob of warmly sweet Vanilla Oleoresin.

The charcoal grey swirls have been formed with Activated Charcoal.  I just love an ingredient that functions - not only does it lend great colour and interest to the bar but activated charcoal also has the ability to purify, by absorbing unwanted build up on the skin before being rinsed away.  

I think of this scent as one for grown ups.  The Aniseed and Vanilla perfectly complement each other, with neither dominating.  The scent is delicious and warming without being overpowering.  Every single bar is uniquely patterned and the gentle formula is perfectly suited to normal skin types.


woh cool! liebe Grüße Dörte

November 4th 2011