Tomato Harvest

February 22nd 2011

Let me apologise at the outset to my Northern Hemisphere friends. I know you've been freezing your butts off and can't wait for Winter to be gone. Five more days, in theory. Ha ha!! It's been hot here during February - hot, dry and now windy. After all the rain we had in early Summer there's a big body of grass on the property, but it's hayed off and really needs some rain. Warren said that just the other day a neighbour was slashing his roads and caused a spark that burned over 100 acres.


This one's for you Connie. When the cold gets too much, just dream a little dream of the sweet juicy tomatoes you'll be growing soon. We've been harvesting our organically grown crop - ox hearts, cherry, an unnamed yellow one, tear drops and Roma. If you look closely you might see the evidence of a minor grub attack or a bird peck but there's been plenty to share. It's very early days in our quest for self sufficiency and we've just about done everything wrong so far - tomato rows too close together, not staked early enough and no clue as to what insect actually deposited the larvae that turned into grubs. Neverthelesss, we've been mighty fortunate to be able to keep ourselves in tomatoes for the season.

Luckily for us, the girls treat the cherry tomatoes like lollies. We've taught them to keep their lips shut while munching, after finding many a trail of seeds down the front of their shirts. The healthy lunch policy at school recommends a daily fruit break and I pack six firm ripe cherry tomatoes for each of the girls each day (occasionally they have locally grown black muscat grapes that are also in season right now).


The tomatoes are beautiful! I just finished up the salsa I made last fall and have just 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce left. Ive been planning my garden and looking through the seed catalogs for more ideas. It is a form of torture because we still have plenty of snow on the ground and freezing temps at night. Would love to be in warm, beautiful Australia!
Connie Baird
March 15th 2011