What's New At Washpool Farm?

March 12th 2012

Washpool Farm took a major step during February opening its' doors to clients to drop in Monday to Saturday.  The decision was a tough one, as we considered the demands of a young family and farm but we've always had the attitude that the business should involve the children rather than be an either/or proposition.  


This Dutch style building is perfectly suited to our needs:

1)  It's directly opposite the primary school, so I can drop the kids at school and work until school finishes.

2) It has a commercial kitchen, as it was once a restaurant.

3) It has a separate queen sized room and ensuite where the kids can do homework and guests can stay

4) It's just off the highway and on a major route to the local wineries, so passing traffic is assured during the high season (which is winter, by the way, as visitors come to enjoy good wine and log fires).

The heat of summer seams to have passed and the nights are becoming cool.  We've already recorded a minimum of five degrees so it's a case of lovely fresh mornings and comfortable daytime temperatures.  Dahlias are still flowering in gardens throughout the region. The girls' Grandma grew these lovely specimens for us.

While we're still attending our local artisan market in Stanthorpe we're really enjoying having permanent retail space as it means we can add carefully chosen complementary handcrafted products.  We now stock a beautiful range of certified organic beeswax candles and handcrafted porcelain containers to match.  Research confirms that pure beeswax candles ensure the purest air quality of all available waxes.  These organic beeswax candles make the perfect earch conscious gift when combined with any one of our biodegradable, gentle soaps.

A couple of weeks ago I issued a challenge to a friend of mine who makes beautiful things with galvanised fencing wire.  It's a real struggle to find the perfect soap rack that will allow handcrafted soap to dry out nicely.  Well, this week Jayne, a country gal who can wield a set of fencing pliers with ease, dropped some prototype soap racks off to the soaperie.  This is the counter top version and she's also made an over shower one.  When this soap rack hit our facebook page there was a great response from interested buyers, so watch out for these unique pieces as they are offered exclusively by Washpool Farm.

We've been hand making bath bombs for your bath time relaxation and pleasure.  As our skin is at it's most open and vulnerable while we're soaking in a bath, we decided to stick to natural essential oils for scenting and pigments for colour (as opposed to dyes).  The Bombs also include organic rose hip oil and natural Australian mined food grade sodium bicarbonate.  We plan to expand the line with Australian mined epsom salts for an intensely relaxing bath experience.  Bath bombs are available in the same natural scents as our foaming handwash - Vitality (lemongrass), Love (lavender, mandarin), Drift Away (grapefruit blend) and Positivity (grapefruit and lime). They will leave your skin feeling clean, soft and moisturised.

Other new products to come off the curing rack include a fun range of our own unique cupcake style; Rosemary and Mint loofah bars to smooth out rough skin; exfoliating salt soap made with mineral rich Australian pink salt and an everyday soap range - chunky, no fuss bars of soap made with fabulous ingredients such as shea butter and extra virgin olive oil at a very affordable price.  Keep watching the website for new releases or follow us on facebook for up-to-the-minute happenings at Washpool Farm -  https://www.facebook.com/WashpoolFarm´╗┐


Fantastic! Love your home and I have already seen your lovely new products. Congratulations again on your decision ~ I am sure it is exactly the right one! xx

March 12th 2012