What's Your Beauty Routine?

April 12th 2012

Ok - this is something of a brave move putting my face on the line. I wanted to have an honest and open discussion about beauty routines and I couldn't really do that without 'facing up', so to speak.  


Yesterday a lady dropped into my Soaperie asking whether she could place her product here for sale.  She patiently showed me through a compendium of her products yet I found myself drifting off into thoughts of the beer, honey, oat and goats milk bar I was about to pour.  


You see, this person makes a wide range of cosmetic products but the truth is that I use a very narrow range of products.  She'd have to do some really fast talking with copious samples before I could be convinced that I need serums, masks, anti-ageing cream, toners, gels and polishes.



Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm a big fan of beautiful active ingredients.  I study closely the benefits of amino acids, proteins, essential oils, anti oxidants, minerals and many more fabulous ingredients.  And there's no doubt that a trained eye might detect some improvement in my appearance if I was patient enough and dedicated enough to utilise natures wonderful cosmeceuticals. 


But the truth is, I'm a classic type B personality. It's not in my nature to single mindedly stick to a particular morning or nightly routine day in day out.   I have, in the past, become incredibly enthused at the beauty counter about how much better I would look if I'd just use a lip exfoliator or any number of other products. I diligently use them for awhile and then get distracted by whatever else is demanding my time.


This photo was taken at my son, Nathan's, wedding earlier in the year.  I was quite unwell at that time and had an operation the following week.  Since then I've been much healthier and have lost about 6 kilos but I just wanted to be honest to say 'this is me'.  And beside me is my beautiful son.

I'd love to hear about your beauty routine.  Has it changed since you were younger?  Is there a product that you just can't do without?  Is price a factor in your decision making or are your cosmetic products one thing that you refuse to compromise on?

In the spirit of sharing, I'll tell you about my 'routine'.  I'm not saying that my skin wouldn't be better off with other intensive products but I have come to know myself and accept that I will do what works and can be achieved eaily in the time I have available.

I have two soap racks in the shower.  On one, I have a small unscented goat milk bar (priced at $3-00). I wash my face with this bar and it is left feeling soft and smooth with no tight dry feeling that can be experienced with even the most expensive cleansers.  Goat milk reduces the pH of the bar and the lactic acid helps smooth and soften the skin.  



The truth is, most of Washpool Farm's soaps could also be used for the face, but bars such as the Unscented goat milk, Slice of Heaven and Renew Me are particularly good and are just that little bit more luxurious and moisturising.

On the other soap rack I have whatever soap I choose for my body. I've just finished a deliciously scented bar of StarMan and I'm about to start a bar of Lavender, Oatmeal and Honey. 


For some time now I've been using just a couple of drops of oil as my moisturiser.  You probably know that most moisturisers are a mixture of oil and water. Yes, oil and water don't mix - but they do when an emulsifier is used.  So, the basic components of moisturisers are water, oil, emulsifier, preservative and scent.  There's plenty of other lovely additives that may or may not be included, but that's the basic formula.  


I've found that I can use just a drop or two of Rosehip, Camelia or Evening Primrose oil to effectively moisturise my face morning and night.  If I want the oil to spread better I might wet my hands slightly, add a couple of drops and smooth it over my face.  


Now, if anyone is going to get spots it will be me.  The thing I've learned though, is that it isn't the oil I'm using that causes the problem.  At the moment my skin is quite clear but at the time of Nathan's wedding with crazy hormones and health related stress my skin wasn't clear.  I've come to accept that the best things I can do for my skin is drink water, exercise, reduce stress and eat a healthy diet.  

We've established that most moisturisers are actually oil and water anyway so I'm just skipping the water.  Works for me.

Here on the Granite Belt the weather is getting cooler and drier, so I'm aware that the time will come when I want a little more moisture on the surface of my skin. You might know that we've been working on the formula for our all natural bath bombs and I've been one of the willing human testers.


Australian Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Essential oils and Grapeseed oil are perfectly balanced to provide a relaxing bathing experience that will leave your skin feeling soft, soothed and moisturised.  


So, that's it.  Not complicated, not expensive.  Facial Soap $3-00 to $6-00, Body Soap $6-00, Facial Oil (a tiny fraction of the cost of moisturiser - contact us for details), Bath Bomb $5.00.


Oh, there ARE just a couple of other products that are on my 'must have' list:  Sulphate Free Toothpaste and Calendula Ointment (made locally) that helps keep the occasional dermatitis outbreak under control.  

Your turn to share. What's your beauty routine?


Hi Melissa My husband (Hans) and I visited your soaperie during our last visit to Ballandean. You were in the process of making a batch of the pink salt soap and were kind enough to let us hang about and watch ... thank you for that. I have only just found your blog and look forward to reading more of it. In the meantime, I am interested in the facial oil you mention and hope that you can provide info on where I can purchase it and how much it is. Hopefully we will be back in Ballandean in a couple of weeks, and I plan to pop in again and pick up some more of your wonderful soaps. Warm regards Janelle

Janelle Meulenberg
August 1st 2012

Hi Janelle, I now have some lovely airless pumps on hand to dispense the facial serum. I\'ve also selected some of the most luxurious facial oils available to blend over the next few days. If you can wait till you return I\'ll have something ready for you. If you\'d like me to post sooner let me know and I\'ll organise a way to make that happen.

August 1st 2012

Thanks Melissa. I\'m happy to wait until we come back to Ballandean ... we plan to be there next Saturday (11th) and will pop in then. Warm regards Janelle

August 2nd 2012

I love the pic of you and Nate. You both look great!

October 22nd 2012