Winter On The Granite Belt

June 23rd 2010

When I tell people I live on the Granite Belt their first thought is 'the cold'. I wanted to show you the beauty of this region at this time of year (well, my backyard anyway). This photo was taken last Sunday. Yes, there was a frost but I was standing outside taking this photo with just a long sleeve T shirt. There wasn't a breath of wind to make it cold.

This is a frozen ice 'platter' removed from the top of the dogs water bucket. I say platter, because I have several cheese platters about the same size with similar fluid patterns. I wonder whether the glass maker was inspired by images of winter.

These are my daughters having a picnic (in the shade) later that same day. You can see why I say 'perfect days'. Of course we do have cold blustery days when we need to stay inside (well, I do - the kids still run about). Don't you love the internet? I couldn't put my finger on my favourite play dough recipe, but after a few minutes I emerged with a suitable alternative. The children had a lovely time chatting and playing with dough.

Here's to another great 'Brass Monkey Season'. If you're heading to the region try to plan your trip to coincide with our Market in the Mountains. Make sure you call into the Washpool Farm stall - we'd love to meet you and send you home with something to help your skin through the cold months ahead.


Looks familiar - much the same down here on the Great Dividing Range in NSW, except we get wind some days too!
July 13th 2010