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Customer comments...

Just wanted to write a short note and let you know how happy we are with the soap you made for us. My husband's skin hasnt been in such fantastic condition for years. Thanks so much for all your help :-)

Taryn - January 2012

Great to call in and see your soap making. Your soap is absolutely beautiful. I haven't known it but, I have been using inferior soap forever. Now I will never go back, the difference is amazing...so gentle...so smooth.....lather.....and the lovely lingering fragrance. Thankyou x

Susan P (Gympie) - January 2012

Have picked up order and everything was great.  Have already sold about 15 bars and 2 bottles of foaming hand soap!!!!!!!!!!!! Your products are fantastic.  I like the bath bombs in muslin.  You can smell the fragrance and it looks up market.  I am going to try one tonight.  Can’t wait!!!!!.

Louise - Wholesale Client - April 2012

Melissa this bar is amazing. I use it for shower and shampoo and my hair has never been softer or had as much body.

Sue - April 2012