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Handmade Soap

If you're new to Washpool Farm you might be a little bit daunted by the choices so allow us to help by simplifying things a little.

Sensitive Skin - unscented and made on pure extra virgin olive oil, this range is suited to people with a range of allergies, sensitivities and skin 'problems'. 

Goat's Milk - scented with natural essential oils this range is well suited to people with regular skin who enjoy a little scent but want all the skin pampering qualities of natural goat's milk.

Coconut Milk - Our Coconut Milk Bars are inspired by trips to the Byron Farmers' Market. We think coconut milk is an unsung hero when it comes to milk soaps - packing a big punch when it comes to healthy fats that help keep your skin moisturised, soft & supple.

Men's Grooming - this bar is incredibly popular with men who desire an 'all in one' cleansing product. Both gentle and effective for all your grooming needs - shaving, showering and shampooing.

Facial Soap - formulated for dry, normal and oily skin types this bar is particularly gentle and is based on a luxurious aloe vera and goat's milk recipe.

Dog Shampoo - available with essential oils and as 'sensitive' (sans scent) these bars also contain goat's milk to pamper your precious pooch.

Specialty Soap - this section contains our special purpose, luxury, experimental and 'by request' soap bars for your enjoyment.

Customer comments...

Hi Melissa & Family

Thank you for making the Soap Making workshop a restful and informative day.  Your insight into soap making, including the technical aspects, made for an interesting day.  The pace was very good and everyone felt part of the journey. 
The handouts were informative and will be very good to use in the future.  You have a love for what you do and it showed.  Your insight into where to obtain the products from hardware and other type stores including safety equipment was very helpful and in future will help to keep the costs within reason. 
We enjoyed the company of Warren and your daughters, they made the day more friendly and we welcomed the family atmosphere. 
Morning tea and lunch were excellent.

Joy & Jack - March 2015

Hi Melissa, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your soaps have been as gifts at Christmas (and through the year) - everyone has been delighted with them. I also love using them and have the soap pump pack in my bathroom too. The other product people are asking me about is your deodorant. It's fantastic. I know it's in the "cauldron" - do you think it'll be a permanent fixture?

Lisa Clancy - April 2015

I would really like to thank you for our 'extra' critters – as well as all the rest of our wonderful order.  The girls loved their 'three critters each'!  You are truly generous and have a wonderful product that I love taking the time to order.  Thank you so much for going to the trouble of having such wonderful products!  I know it is tough to be so particular and so many people want to be particular, it is just hard to find someone who won't compromise!  You are a special lady with special products.  Thank you!

Karen Thomas - May 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to trial your new shaving soap. I have used it daily for more than four weeks now, and have found it to be an excellent product, it lathers well, and I find that my disposable razors are lasting longer. In conclusion, I will recommend your product to my friends, and we will drop in to your shop on our next trip to Glen Innes.

Ken - May 2015