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Natural Deodorant

I first started to give serious thought to the ingredients in commercial deodorants as my daughters were approaching their teenage years. There was no way I was going to stand by and allow them to apply a range of ingredients I didn't trust to their young skin.

When researching alternatives I purchased deodorants from a range of brands but I found that they either had to be re-applied several times during the day (the water/alcohol with essential oils type) or they irritated due to the sodium bicarbonate (the ingredient that made them effective).

Our balm is supplied in a twist up applicator and contains ingredients that help absorb wetness and discourage the development of odour. After many months of testing through a hot summer we've been really happy with the feedback from our many human testers (thank you to the brave souls who put their reputation on the line to test this formula).

Please keep in mind that this product is not an anti perspirant. Your body will sweat as normal, a function we believe is good and healthy.

Free from Aluminium, Alum and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Customer comments...

Thanks for the prompt response Melissa.

If you could get started with the batch that would be great. Exactly as you made the last one would be ideal.

Your soap has been most helpful, it worked where tablets failed :)


(With the guidance of a dermatologist we adapted an existing formula to remove the dairy component and double the strength of an active ingredient.  We made a whole batch of 54 bars that lasted the client 18 months)

Antony - July 2013

Just have to say again, thank you so much for your amazing products, especially the moisture bar. This is such a clever concept that completely changes the idea of moisturisers - you have taken out everything we don't need and given us a product that actually works and is totally natural. Please don't ever stop making this bar!!

Angela - August 2013

I very rarely do this but when something is really good I like to let the manufacturer know.

I recently bought some of your Facial Serum and you gave me a Facial Cleansing Bar to try. I have sensitive skin and usually use a gentle soap alternative on my face. Your soap is just fantastic. My skin feels clean and soft and there has been no adverse effect. I actually prefer your soap to the soap alternative. 

Thanks so much for your generosity. I really do appreciate it.

Claire - January 2014

Just also wanted to give you feedback in regards to the Manuka bar you recommended for my little one with Eczema when we visited with my friend Amanda last week, It is wonderful and keeps his skin moisturised and smells lovely. I am very pleased Thankyou.

Kelly - December 2014