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Let's face it, we all want our bathrooms to be places of serenity, calm and beauty but sometimes they can be a 'no go' zone,  and don't even get me started on the topic of ensuites. They should be an intimate continuation of the main bedroom but sometimes they can be a mood killer rather than a mood enhancer. The last thing you want is to spray some awful concoction of propellants and artificial scent of 'boronia' or 'fresh flowers' that makes you want to cough and gag.

Washpool Farm Room Sprays are naturally made with sugar ethanol and essential oils, both of which work hard to deodorise and sanitise. The room sprays can be used to scent the air in the bathroom or any other room that needs a lift. A quick spray between the sheets can make a better start to a good nights sleep...or whatever.

They can also be used to do a quick spray and wipe over of the loo seat to freshen things up. And, dare I say it, they are so gentle that they can be used for, let's just say, a quick personal spritz and wipe to face the world fresh and confident.

We're talking natural aromatherapy here - the kind of scent that will lift the mood, not kill it. 

Customer comments...

I have been using the Olive Crush each night I shower and it was really lovely to use and I was pleasantly surprised to say it lasted about four weeks.  It did not affect my dermatitis, which is pleasing to note.

I have passed on your website to a couple of friends who also have problems of same or different nature to mine and suggest they look at what is on offer.

Thank you once again and I most definately will circulate the quality of your product.

Del - July 2012

When my first one is finished I will definitely be back for another. I love it.

Louise - September 2012

Just a quick thank you to Washpool Farm for getting my soaps out so quickly. They arrived today, not even 48hrs later. :):) They smell beautiful and I can't wait to try one out tonight. I bought them to go with individually made personalised hampers for my Christmas gifts and picked out the lemon myrtle one and the pink salt one for myself (will let that one dry for a while first - thanks for the note). I love lemon myrtle so I think that's my pick for tonight :):) I decided on a handmade and healthy eco friendly theme and to support the Australian people and families and am excited to include them in my gift giving. Cheers, Rochelle´╗┐

Rochelle - October 2012

P.S. Your dog soap (purchased previously) is the ONLY product we have found to stop our little foxie terrier scratching. We thank you and Bronco thanks you (we didn't name him - he would have been Bomber if we had).

Vikki - November 2012