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Let's face it, we all want our bathrooms to be places of serenity, calm and beauty but sometimes they can be a 'no go' zone,  and don't even get me started on the topic of ensuites. They should be an intimate continuation of the main bedroom but sometimes they can be a mood killer rather than a mood enhancer. The last thing you want is to spray some awful concoction of propellants and artificial scent of 'boronia' or 'fresh flowers' that makes you want to cough and gag.

Washpool Farm Room Sprays are naturally made with sugar ethanol and essential oils, both of which work hard to deodorise and sanitise. The room sprays can be used to scent the air in the bathroom or any other room that needs a lift. A quick spray between the sheets can make a better start to a good nights sleep...or whatever.

They can also be used to do a quick spray and wipe over of the loo seat to freshen things up. And, dare I say it, they are so gentle that they can be used for, let's just say, a quick personal spritz and wipe to face the world fresh and confident.

We're talking natural aromatherapy here - the kind of scent that will lift the mood, not kill it. 

Customer comments...

I would really like to thank you for our 'extra' critters – as well as all the rest of our wonderful order.  The girls loved their 'three critters each'!  You are truly generous and have a wonderful product that I love taking the time to order.  Thank you so much for going to the trouble of having such wonderful products!  I know it is tough to be so particular and so many people want to be particular, it is just hard to find someone who won't compromise!  You are a special lady with special products.  Thank you!

Karen Thomas - May 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to trial your new shaving soap. I have used it daily for more than four weeks now, and have found it to be an excellent product, it lathers well, and I find that my disposable razors are lasting longer. In conclusion, I will recommend your product to my friends, and we will drop in to your shop on our next trip to Glen Innes.

Ken - May 2015

Hello Melissa, 

I just wanted to drop you a line to once again thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday. 

If only Kylie and I started our journey of making soap with you we would be so much further along.  Your sharing of your knowledge and information was truly a blessing for us as I love your ethical attitude towards your techniques/ingredients which I also share.  This was the main driver for us to continue through until we discovered someone just like you.  We have wasted so much time and money trying to understand and wrongly interpret information from the USA to the point we were talking about giving up until now.  Soap making is something that we enjoy to do together for our families and it will just be so much more fun now.  (I almost feel the need to do a before and after video just to show you how much rubbish and stress we were adding to the process, we had a million containers weighing everything to the exact 0.00 gram – even bought expensive scales that could do this, thermometers everywhere not to mention our wastage with the essential oils). 

Your skill of being able to talk the science of soap making I could only imagine would match any science buff out there that would love to know more about the molecules etc. but only mentioning ‘saponification’  a couple of times made me laugh to myself…. all the other classes I have been to have spent more time talking about saponification and what it is to the point of not covering anything about the process of making the soap. 

Your promises of ‘I will show you how’ or ‘I know it will work’ has filled me with lots of confidence to now be making soap which I am proud of. 

I feel very privileged to have met you and to do a class with you.  A big thank you to your family for making the atmosphere a wonderful place to be.  

Loving my soap already! 



Suzie - October 2015

My family were all down for a wedding and we bought lots of your beautiful products. I love your shampoo and conditioner it makes my hair lovely and soft. As i work in the pool all day i don't need extra chemicals in my products, this shampoo leaves my hair lovely and soft. Well done. Your soap is also a big favourite of mine also. Thanks for all your trouble. Lynda

Lynda - March 2016