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Whipped Vanilla & Virgin Coconut Oil Balm

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We take the purest organic virgin coconut oil and whip it together with naturally concentrated vanilla oleoresin for a deliciously fragrant blend.

What can you use virgin coconut oil for?

  • massage oil - completely natural, coconut oil washes out of sheets and is completely edible
  • as a soothing moisturiser with no preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • rub a little into dry hair ends to control frizz
  • mix equal parts cocont oil and sugar for an exfoliating, skin smoothing scrub.


Please note: because coconut oil has quite a low melting temperature (around 27degrees) we can't ship this product in the warmer months.  We suggest you take a look at our shea butter balm or our soon to be released shea butter whip while the weather is warm, as it is more temperature stable.